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This sounds as a standard advertisement slogan but, in the case of this city, there are quite many Secession monuments which are not located in the downtown.

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Because these monuments, actually some of the most beautiful of them, are scattered throughout other parts of the city: The historical districts of Fabric, Iosefin and Elisabetin, all fairly close to the centre of Timioara.

We find here many of the most interesting ones, like the Secessionist complex in the Fabric neighbourhood or Gemeinhardt's buildings in the Iosefin neighbourhood. Without seeing this monuments, the visitor is far from having a real idea about Timioara's Art Nouveau. Many others are far away from the centre, towards the eastern, southern and south-western marginal areas.

Many of these are not very valuable.

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However, there are some notable exceptions, most important being the hydro-power plant. Even quaint marginal streets, having only small parter-houses, team of Secession a good example would be Alexandru Vlahu St. Such places definitely complete the overall travel experience and ensure a more complete understanding of Timioara's history of urban development.

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Far away from the downtown we still meet Secession in its purest forms here a funeral monument in the cemetery of the Fabric neighbourhood, created by the local craftsman Kornel Cele mai bune măști anti-îmbătrânire. There is a fairly large diversity of the Secessionist heritage. The part, which is most noticeable, folosirea benzii antirid pentru față made up certainly the buildings.

In this sub-category, people locals and guests alike may notice the exteriors, the faades. Many of them are lofty decorated with elements of the Secessionist vocabulary, one notices the plaster decorations, the ceramic tiles, the wrought iron railings of the balconies, the wooden frames still very numerous and extremely gifted workssometimes statues or reliefs, writings or monograms of the original owners a.

Minute details go down to delicate door latches or to roof snow guards.

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In other words, the exterior of the buildings does completely fulfill the expectations considering the variety of the Secessionist decorations. The visitors definitely do notice the bad state of most of these buildings as well, but we'll 28 address this issue on another place. The problems appear when we come to the interiors of the buildings, since most of them are private owned and basically inaccessible for the tourists, without a hypothetical preparations prior to the visit.

Just because the artists of the Art Nouveau valued so much the idea of Gesamtkunstwerk the total work of art, that is, comprising all of the aspects of an art work, comprehensively integratedthe enlightened cultural traveler is entitled to expect Art Nouveau not only on the outside shell of the buildings, but also on the inside.

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The hallways of at least some of the buildings of Timioara do fulfill this expectation as well, providing staircases with lofty stucco mouldings, ceramic tiles with geometric patterns or stylised floral motives in well-thought geometrical disposition, stair railings with geometrical motifs or even with the characteristic coup de fouet shapes, old cage-like elevators, sometimes coloured glass patterns at the windows of the staircases or of the hallways.

We have even noticed inlay wood decorations intarsia with Art Nouveau patterns. We also know of one case of a series of precious stained glass windows but they are out of reach of the tourism, being located in the palace of the Roman-Catholic bishopric. Also the internal structure of the buildings is preserved, sometimes also visible: the partitioning of the flats the tage noble at the first floor or the access to the more modest flats from the courtyard balconies the Pawlatschen.

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So far, so good. The problem here is the access.

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The tourists almost never know where such treasures are hidden; and even if they knew, seeing them would still be next to impossible, considering, first of all, the language barrier when talking to the owners. This is a good reason to open to the visitors at least the public buildings; in this respect, in Timioara the interiors of the rectorship of the Polytechnic University former seat of the stock exchange and of the Chamber of Commerce and the interiors of hydro-power plant deserve special mentioning at least these two, as to our knowledge!

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Both interiors are in good shape, 29 Fig. A Secessionist stove in the Iosefin neighbourhood. It is quite possible, that the glazed tiles were manufactured in Ulei de floarea soarelui pentru fata impotriva ridurilor oara but we couldn't find appropriate information on the local craftsmen.

Going deeper into the buildings, we come to the flats.

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These most intimate parts of the buildings do have at least some of the Secessionist features still well kept we think of the door frames and the ovens covered with ceramic tiles, first of all. From few personal encounters we have also noticed valuable ceramic tiles in bathrooms or kitchens seldom, though and, of course, the all-present Viennese coffee house chairs Wiener Kaffeehausstuhl.

But one expects more from the Secessionist arts and crafts, like expensive or perhaps not-so-expensive ceramics at least some Zsolnay porcelains, perhaps?

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Is there still any of it hidden in the thousands of flats existing in the Secession buildings of Timioara? Most 30 probably, but we cannot issue an opinion about to what extent this items are still present in the city of nowadays. Every now and then one notices such Secession items being on sale in local antiquity shops, but this does not happen as frequently as expected.

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Even if they would be present, for the traveler to visit them would fall in the same next to impossible category.

From an outer perspective, such details seem utterly unimportant to tourism.

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But there are very lucrative examples in Europe of city tours where verlac allure anti aging guests are taken for inside visits into well preserved Art Nouveau flats notably in the city of Brussels. Secessionist intarsia with inlay wood and mother-of-pearl in one of Timisoara's old pharmacies.

There is a very good variety of building types belonging to the Secession architecture in Timioara.

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Certainly most of them are plain buildings with flats. But then Timioara offers an interesting bridge, very appealing to the eye and being part of a first-class complex of Secessionist architectureseveral schools, parts of several hospitals.

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There are three well maintained old pharmacies which offer the rare opportunity of seeing inner Art Nouveau decorations. Also many other buildings for public utilities 31 of technical nature have been designed in Secessionist style even if, in most cases, a less decorated version of it : the hydro-power plant, the plant for water supply Ursenithe plant for clearing the sewage water Ronawater towers.

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Then there are many old industrial facilities, having the same functional version of the Art Nouveau they are quite numerous, but also disappearing fast over the last two decades. Another place we can find the Secession is the cemeteries, where there are some funeral stones carved in this style. Close to the centre of the town, in the Elisabetin neighbourhood, we find hundreds of Secessionist buildings.

Sadly 32 almost all of them are in bad condition and virtually unknown.

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The plaster decorations are degraded parts of them are already lostand the buildings are criss-crossed by parasitic cables and even pipelines for methane gas.

How attractive is the Art Nouveau of Timioara?


This opens a longer discussion. Among the facts, we can consider that the number of lofty, intricate faades is not large; not many are decorated in the Hungarian Secessionist style which is a very eyecatching version of the Art Nouveau. The most prodigious architect of the verlac allure anti aging of the XXth century in Timioara, Szkely Lszl, used to play mostly but not always with the volumes complicated roofs and attics, bow-windows and with sober geometrical decoration patterns, rather than with intricate floral decorations like we see in Oradea, Kecskemt or Subotica which were all marked by the Hungarian-type Lechner School of the Art Nouveau.

On the other hand we have two renovated palaces built by Szkely's designs Stefania Palais and Brck Palais, respectively and both shine now in vivid colours and make up for overall interesting sights, suiting everybody's taste. Could other buildings designed by Szkely become just as attractive, once restored?

How were these buildings painted in the first place? These are, of course, question for the art historians and cannot be cleared other than studying each monument individually. And yet, there are also Secessionist monuments in Timioara which are highly attractive, even without restoration which is still needed, nevertheless we think of some of the buildings designed verlac allure anti aging Martin Gemeinhardt, Fodor Gbor and Eugen Klein. So the final answer is: there is a fairly high degree of attractiveness with Timioara's Art Nouveau heritage, whereas it depends greatly on the taste of the viewers.

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The experienced tourists, with a lot of travelling behind, will also appreciate the Secession with a rather geometrical decoration, often found in Timioara. However, a few punctual restoration works would greatly enhance 33 the attractiveness of Timioara's Secession, making it suitable to broader categories of tourists.

There is an important feature, which verlac allure anti aging sees: the Art Nouveau buildings are in very poor condition. This is regrettably very true.

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However these critics often go extremely far, too far. Especially the locals of Timioara are very critic with the state of the old buildings no distinction made here between Secession buildings or other ones ; when discussing to the locals, many times only the bad condition of the buildings is mentioned, while their intrinsic value even in such a bad shape!

Much too often, the critics just seem to forget about that the valuable verlac allure anti aging is still present, and much can still be done to prevent its further destruction.

The only positive verlac allure anti aging to this attitude is the pressure put on the administration to undertake some measures.