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Executive summary of the ex-ante evaluation Recommendation of the ex-ante evaluator and their transposition in NRDP General requirements Transition from the programming period to Compatibility with the procedures and requirements referring to the state aid Ensuring the conformity of the cross-compliance requirements with CouncilRegulation EC no. Ensuring the direction of the support for the investment measures depending on theidentified territorial needs and the structural disadvantages Criteria and administrative rules to avoid double financing Ensuring the data accuracy The NRDP financed guarantee system The management of the guarantee schemes The guarantee scheme for the agricultural sector The guarantee scheme for small and medium enterprises Ofiong anti-îmbătrânire applicable to the guarantee schemes Financing the new challenges within NRDP Information required ofiong anti-îmbătrânire axes and measures Axis 1: Improving the competitiveness of agricultural and forestry sector Measures aimed at promoting knowledge and improving human potential Measures aimed at restructuring and developing the physical potential andpromoting innovation Transitional measures for Romania Axis 2: Improving the environment and the countryside Measures targeting the sustainable use of agricultural lands Measures targeting the sustainable use of forestry lands Axis 3 The quality of life in rural areas and the diversification of the rural economy Measures to diversify the rural economy Measure to ofiong anti-îmbătrânire the quality of life in rural areas Local Development Strategies Inter-territorial and trans-national cooperation Running the Local Action Groups, acquiring skills and animating the territory Complements to direct payments Financial plan by axis in EUR total period -initial allocation The Indicative budget related to the operations mentioned at art.

Evaluation and means of ensuring complementarity with the activities, policies andpriorities of the Community, especially the objectives of economic and social cohesion andwith the support instrument of the Community for fishery Evaluation and means of ensuring complementarity with measures financed throughthe European Agricultural Guarantee Fund or by other instruments Conformity with the measures of Axis Information on ofiong anti-îmbătrânire complementarity with other Community financial instruments Definition of authorities and related tasks Management and Control Structure Payment tasks towards final beneficiaries Control of management quality Control and Antifraud IT Monitoring System The Monitoring Committee Description of the evaluation system The ofiong anti-îmbătrânire process Actions foreseen to inform potential beneficiaries and organisations of thepossibilities offered by the programme Ofiong anti-îmbătrânire foreseen to inform the beneficiaries of the NRDP The designation of the partners consulted The results of the consultation Geographical area covered by the planChapter 2Member State and administrative regionThe programme is unique and covers the entire Romanian territory.

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Chapter 3Analysis of the situation 1 in terms of strengths and weaknesses, the strategychosen to meet them and the ex-ante evaluation3. Analysis of the situation in terms of strengths and weaknesses3. The general socio-economic context of the rural area3. These gaps arediminishing as a result of the integrationinto the EU.

The peak was reachedinwith a GDP growth rate of 8. National Rural Development Programme —fifth version, June 9 years. Most of them opted ofiong anti-îmbătrânire temporaryemployment only.

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According to the same study, the incidence of international migration appears to behigher among men, as compared to women, and among the young, as compared to the adults and theelderly. Women in rural areas are more inclined towards temporary international migration at youngeragesas opposed to urban women. The migration rate fluctuates as follows: in the centre of the country For the following decade, it is estimated that the number of migrant workers shall register a decrease,due to the fact that the Romanian economy develops and offers, gradually and certainly, manyopportunities for occupation and personal performance to individuals.

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International migration carries major economic and social implications, particularly in ruralareas. Incoming remittances inject significant financial inflows into the rural economy. Remittances,in conjunction with attitude changes related to international migration, pave the way for ruralmodernization and development.

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The bulk of remittances goes into real estate housing and landinan attempt to improve the quality of life and to mitigate income risks. However, international migration also entails social costs. The highmigration dynamics outbalance the response capacity of the social assistance system.

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Families aredislocated and children are left with the remaining family members. A study carried out by the SOROS Foundation reveals that approximatelychildren insecondary school have at least one parent working abroad. Among ofiong anti-îmbătrânire, 80, have the fatherabroad, 55, the mother, while in the case of 35, of ofiong anti-îmbătrânire, both parents are working abroad.

The ethnical diversity in Romania is rather low. The total population is dominated by Romanians The share of Romanians has been slightlyincreasing over the years The major ethnical minorities includeHungarians 6. However, some of the ethnical minoritiestend to more rural than others.

Regionally, the highest ethnicaldiversity is visible in Transylvania, Banat,Bucovina and Dobrogea.

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Labour MarketIncrease urbanization of the active population. Recent economic growth, largely concentrated inthe urban, non-agricultural sectors of the economy,is attracting the active population to urban areas. External-migration of young rural people togetherwith the ageing of the rural population leads to adecline in the availability of labour resources inrural areas.

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  • Comisia reuneşte o serie de experţi în politici sociale, asistenţă socială, demografie,statistică socială şi alte domenii conexe, care au avut ca scop, pe de o parte realizarea uneidiagnoze a politicilor sociale, demografice şi a situaţiei distribuirii şi redistribuirii resurselor şi,pe de altă parte, formularea de propuneri pentru reducerea riscurilor şi promovareaincluziunii sociale în contextul apartenenţei României la UE şi al crizei economice mondiale.
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There are certain differences among developing regions within the same age category; the abovementioned are more obviously in the case of and above 65 years boundary groups, and minorfor the others age categories. Thus, at national level, based on social status, the population is represented by 37, womenemployersin comparison withmen-employers.

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NSI, Furthermore, in rural area, the young between years old are represented based on the socialstatus as follows: employers In ,agriculture, forestry and fishery NACE classification employed 2.

However, with the economic boom that started inagriculture has been losing itsworkforce to the benefit of both secondary and tertiary sectors.

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Nevertheless, the importance of theprimary sector remains high in rural employment. The majority of the rural dwellers are employed in agriculture, forestry and fishery altitude blonday switzerland anti aging Agriculture has a high importance in ensuring an income through self-employment, while ruraldiversification remains challenging.

Most people engaged in agriculture are self-employed, andagriculture accounts for only 3.

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The ruralnon-farm economy employs only