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Tin, lead and copper. Tin and lead only.

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Tin, lead and silver. To chemically clean the base metal of oxide film.

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To increase heat conductivity. To prevent overheating of the base metal.

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Depend on the metals to be joint. Ensures proper distribution of the filler rod. Removes dirt, grease, and oil.

Minimises or prevents oxidation [Reduce sau previne oxidarea. Thickness of the metal to be welded only.

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Type of torch. Type and thickness of the metal to be welded.

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In the oxyacetylene welding process, the filler rod used for steel is covered with a thin coating of flux. In the metallic-arc welding process, filler material, if needed, is provided by a separate metal rod of the proper material held in the arc.

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The inert-arc welding process uses an inert gas to protect the weld zone from the atmosphere. What is undesirable in a good weld?.

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At interval not exceeding 5 years [La I ntervale de maxim 5 ani] b. After every major modification or major structural repairing [Dupa orice modificare sau reparatie majora la structura aeronavei] c.

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After every pilot report regarding the aircraft instability [Dupa oricare raport al pilotului referito la instabilitatea aeronavei] 2. If the C of G of an aircraft with a full complement of fuel is calculated. In the aircraft Maintenance Manual. In the technical log.

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Who is responsible for ensuring that weight and balance instrumentation is serviceable before use?. An engineer holding a license in the instrument category. The manufacturer of the equipment.

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The person responsible for carrying out the weight and balance procedure [Persoana responsabila pentru realizarea cantariri si echilibrarii] 7. At interval not exceeding 2 years [La I ntervale de maxim 2 ani]. According to national calibration regulation or maintenance organisation procedure [in conformitate cu reglementarea nationala privind calibrarea sau procedura organizatiei de intretinere] 5.

Maintenance Manual.

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Technical Log. Flight Manual in conjunction with the documents associated with the C of A. No [Nu] b. Yes, on push-back procedure, only [Da, numai in procedura de impingere] c. Yes, if the torque links pin will be diconected [Da, numai daca este dezlegat a legatura compasului la jamba de fata] 4.

Не было никакой необходимости тратить месяцы и годы, осматривая Диаспар изнутри -- комнату за комнатой и коридор за коридором. Со своей превосходной новой смотровой позиции он мог, словно на крыльях, облететь весь внешний периметр города и. же обнаружить любое отверстие, ведущее в пустыню и раскинувшийся за ней мир.

The aircraft brake shall be applied during towing [Aeronava va fi franata pe durata tractarii] a. Anytime to stop the aircraft [Oricând pentru a opri aeronava] b.

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In crema anti-imbatranire retify emergency situation, only [Numai in situatii de urgenta] c. Depending of the operator skills [In functie de abilitatile operatorului] 5.

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Fibre, tied tight due to stretch when wet. Fibre, with some slack due to shrinkage crema anti-imbatranire retify wet. To discharge static electricity from the aircraft to the tanker.